Medicaid Made Easy!

The Medicaid program has been designed to cater to the medical needs of low-income patients. Though the service is one of the most sought after by elderly individuals, it is not the easiest to benefit from. If you need a helping hand to navigate you through the legal complexities, look no further than Stephen F. Murray.

With our experience, we'll make sure that you don't have to run from pillar to post to receive the medical aid you're entitled to. Your Medicaid benefit could help put the nursing home care that you deserve within financial reach! We'll take care of every step of your application.

Effective Planning and Implementation

If you or a loved one are in need of long-term care, it is imperative that you plan accordingly to avoid finding yourself in a financial mess. Get the guidance you need from our law firm. Our thorough Medicaid planning can help you preserve substantial family assets and bring you peace of mind. 

More often than not, elders aren't aware that they qualify for medicaid. Turn to our attorney Stephen F. Murray and allow our experienced, qualified attorney to assist you with Medicaid and to help identify if you qualify for the program. We work daily as a liaison between clients and the concerned authorities in order to assist you in obtaining Medicaid benefits for yourself or a loved one.

Thorough Medicaid and Elder Assistance

  • Explaining the Medicaid rules and processes
  • Assisting Medicaid applicants through the entire Medicaid process from start to finish
  • Advising Medicaid applicants about how to preserve their assets
  • Representing Medicaid applicants during the Medicaid telephonic or in-person interview
  • Representing Medicaid applicants for Medicaid appeals
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